In 2014 Hands of Help was enormously excited to launch a new arm to our sponsorship programme, to support graduates of our Kenyan (secondary school) sponsorship programme to attend University. In conjunction with the 'Palmhouse Foundation'  and AKIN, we are currently supporting 7 hard-working University students to complete degrees in medicine, nursing, psychology and health sciences.  In-country support is provided through full-time staff working with the Palmhouse Foundation, and we regularly receive University reports highlighting the students' continued exceptional grades, a tribute to their hard work.

We are thrilled to be able to support these students in their higher-degrees; a wonderful circle returning to the roots of the medical-student foundations that Hands of Help was built on. Through the establishment of a Trust Fund, this programme will continue for at least a further decade (based on current available funds) and support close to 50 students to complete their tertiary studies.

One of the first people we supported - who proved to us the benefits of such as programme - was Sheila Mbinya. You can view her story in the short video above, as well as messages of gratitude sent from two of our current students Rhama Ordofa (studying Microbiology at Kenyatta University) and Maureet Atleno (Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics).

A further 7 students will be selected each academic year to join the ranks of these high-achieving individuals, who would not be able to complete tertiary studies without our financial support.